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Ron Kraft

Sam Barnes

Hazel Barnes

Isabella Barnes

Gene Curtis

Alex Phillips

Dean Dunbar

Eddie Stallings

Kristal Peterman

Corey Holman

Cheryl Stewart

Devin James

Pastor Skip Metzler and wife Diane

Brenda Earheart

Leslie Short

Ethan Hobson

Larry Octon

Dave Slosser

Genevieve Short

Sandy Thayer

Laura Brabbs

John McClain

Gene Curtis

Larry Dunbar

Ernie David Francisco

Emily Achton

Mary Watson

Lucille Stephens

Loss of Family members:

Carrie Hilton

Linda ShortBowe Family

Nell Bell

Curt Waasdorp

 Our military personnel, diplomats and missionaries in our daily prayers


Eddie Stalings

Cheryl Stewart

Leslie Short

Michael Betts

Laura Brabbs

Linda James

Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

All the new born children in 2014.

He has risen ...


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