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Fall Color Tours

When Northeastern Michigan changes color in autumn, the hillsides and meadows shed their forest greens and are ablaze in spectacular bronze, gold, orange and red.  The aroma of decaying leaves; mingle with the cool breezes swept down from the north, and bring an end to the warm Indian summer days.

Hunter’s head to the forest in search of upland game and water foul. Wildlife begins preparing for winter. Chipmunks and squirrels are busy putting up their food supplies for winter.  Ducks and geese begin migrating south for the winter.

The unpredictable aurora borealis may also provide you with a wonderful evening display of dancing lights that grow bolder at this time of the year. The fall harvest is in full swing, roadside
farm markets offer a large variety of fruit and vegetables. 

A driving tour through Northeastern Michigan will provide you with a memorable experience.  Don’t forget to bring your camera.  The wonderful fall colors provide a beautiful backdrop for photographing the Upper Peninsula’s beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and lighthouses.



Early September


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Late September - 1 week of October



2nd week of October


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3rd week of October

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Last week of October


Fall Color Tours

AuSable River Tour - North Bank ~ To start our tour along the north bank of the AuSable River, drive west on F-41 from Oscoda to Rea  Road. Turn left on Rea Road and follow it to Bissonette Road. Turn right on  Bissonette Road and follow it to M-65. Turn right on M-65 and follow it to the village of  Glennie. Turn left on Bamfield Road and follow it to AuSable Road.  Turn left on AuSable Road and  follow it to F-32 (County Road 600).  Turn left on F-32 and follow it to M-33.   This will take you through the community of McKinley to Mio.  Turn right on M-33 and follow it to Cherry Creek Road (County Road 606). Turn left on Cherry Creek Road and follow it to Red Oak Road (County Road  489). Turn right on Red Oak Road and follow it to Miller Road (County Road 608).  This will take you through the village of Red Oak.  Turn left on Miller Road and follow it to North Down River Road and continue to Grayling. Oscoda, Glennie, McKinley, Mio, Red Oak and Grayling

AuSable River Road National Scenic Byway Tour ~ To start our trip  along the south bank of the AuSable River, drive west on River Road from Oscoda to M-65. Lumbermen’s Monument, Canoe Monument, and Iargo Springs are found on the stretch of the tour. Turn right on M-65 and follow it to the village of Glennie. Turn left on Bamfield Road and follow it through the village of Curtisville to County Road 604. Bamfield Road will turn into a gravel road at the intersection of Bamfield Road  and Curtisville Road.  This gravel road will turn back into a paved road after winding through the hills of south western Oscoda County for four miles. Continue on County Road 604 to M-33.  You will pass on the south edge of the  village of Mack Lake. Turn right on M-33 and follow it to Mio.  Turn left on M-72 at Mio and follow it through Luzerne to Grayling. Oscoda, Glennie, Curtisville, Mack Lake, Mio, Luzerne and Grayling

Hubbard Lake Tour ~ Hubbard Lake is the  largest inland lake in Northeastern Michigan, it is nestled in the hills of Northwestern Alcona County. To start our tour around Hubbard Lake, drive west from Harrisville on M-72 to Hubbard  Lake Road. Turn right on Hubbard Lake Road and follow it to Mt. Maria Road, just past the golf course. Turn left on Mt. Maria Road and travel along the west side  of the lake to Hurbert Road and turn right. This will take your through the community of Hubbard Lake. Turn right on  Hubbard Lake Road and travel along the east side of the lake to M-72. Turning left will return you to Harrisville. Turning right will take you to the communities of Glennie and Curran on M-65.  Hubbard Lake and Harrisville


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